2016 State Convention
“Pride in Heritage”

Delegates began arriving early in the day on Thursday, June 2nd to attend our 110th New York OSIA State Convention.  It was so good to see so many brothers and sisters from around our great state of New York … some who we have not seen since last year.
State President Carolyn Reres opened the session on Thursday afternoon and dedicated the weekend to all OSIA brothers and sisters who passed away during the previous year.  Unfortunately, Fr. Forno had some allergy issues and could not deliver the invocation – so our own Past President Salvatore Lanzilotta delivered it for him.  Brother Sal is always so reverent and calming that he set the mood for the next few hours while we did the “beginning” work of the Order.  State President Carolyn reviewed all of the committee appointments and workshops that would be held during the weekend.  We approved the 2015 State Convention Minutes, Standing Rules and many of the state officers’ reports. 
Thursday evening our Annual Homemade Wine Tasting Contest was held by Chairperson Vincent Illuzzi.  Congratulations to the following winners:
·      1st prize was a White Wine by Rocco and Steve Loccisano from the Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Lodge #2319
·      2nd Prize was a Red Wine from the Duca Degli Abruzzi Lodge #443
·      3rd Prize was a Red Wine by Italo Recine from the Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Lodge #2319
Friday was a very busy business day …
Our State 1st VP and Membership Chairperson Robert Ferrito presented the following membership awards along with a $250 check for the lodge:
·      Greatest net increase in number of members – Constantino Brumidi Lodge #2211
·      Greatest net percentage increase in number of members – Rocky Marciano Lodge #2226
·      Net Increase of 50 or more members – Constantino Brumidi Lodge #2211
Membership jackets will be awarded to Daniel Calise of the Constantino Brumidi Lodge #2211 and Luigi DiFilippo of the Vincent Lombardi Lodge #2270 – both have sponsored 10+ new members.
State 2nd Vice President Anthony Naccarato and Fund Raising Chairperson reported that he and his committee have met and exceeded the $40,000 budget number for the year.  The calendars profited $14,878.00; State Golf Outing profited $25,323.00 with 100 golfers and 170 attending the dinner; Walk for a Cure profited approximately $18,000; Winter Charity Ball had 300 guests in attendance and profited $18,345.00 and the 2016 Golden Lion Dinner profited $47,540.00 with the assistance of three wonderful honorees!  All the Chairpersons and members of the Fund Raising Committee were applauded for their outstanding work on the various committees that fall under the auspices of Fund Raising for the New York Grand Lodge!
State CSJ Chairperson Louis Gallo addressed the delegates and spoke about the new Hall of Fame posters that were recently printed and could be obtained for the lodges.  He also spoke about how important it is for all of us to join the fight to “Save Columbus Day.”  The CSJ is now selling “Save Columbus Day” T shirts for $10.  Contact Joseph Vallone at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to purchase one.  Finally, be on the lookout for a publication (red booklet) by the name of “What Italy Has Given the World” … and purchase a few for your lodge.  They can be given to new lodge members – or used as a raffle prize at meetings.
State President Carolyn delivered a very comprehensive State President’s Report and thanked all the State Officers for a job well done.  She also thanked the lodges for their hospitality during the past year and looks forward to continuing visiting the filial lodges.
Chairperson of the Website Committee reported that the Cellini Lodge #2206 has won the award for the best lodge website (he specifically stated that he did not vote).  Congratulations Cellini! 
Garibaldi Meucci Museum Chairperson Madeline Matteucci gave a comprehensive report on the museum along with the financial reports and proposed budget (which was approved).  She spoke about the successful brick program, the Italian language classes being held at the GMM and various school programs such as the very popular “Mommy and Me” program.  The next GMM fundraising luncheon will be held on Saturday, November 5th at the Staaten in Staten Island.
State President Carolyn asked that Family of the Year Chairperson Alfonso Squillante present the 2016 Family of the Year Award to the Capicotto Family.  Antonio and Franca Capicotto were born, raised and married in Calabria, Italy and immigrated to the US in 1956.  They joined the Antonio Meucci Lodge in 1974 and immediately became active members.  Both Antonio and Franca have served as delegates from their lodge to the New York State Convention for 41 consecutive years and the entire family is involved in our beloved Order.
Chairpersons Santina Aspromonte Haemmerle and Nicholas Mauro then presented the two Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Awards.  The first went to Jean Vallone Gagliardo … a long time member of the Cellini Lodge #2206      in New Hyde Park.  She served as President of the lodge and there was no end to the creative and theatrical ideas Jean organized for the lodge.
The second Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro Award was presented to Louis J. Mazzacone, Jr. … a charter member of the St. Francis of Assisi Lodge #2629 in Beacon … since 1989.  He has served in various lodge positions, including President and is currently serving again as the lodge President.  He was Chairman of the $100 raffle and a members of the NYS Raffle Committee for seven years.
State President Carolyn announced the new Student Summit Program that will be held from September 23 to 25th.  A trip to the New York State Capital has been planned along with other activities.  The cost is $150 sponsorship per student and she is asking all lodges to consider sponsoring a student.  The summit will be limited to the first 35 eligible students (high school seniors, college freshman or sophomores).
State Nominations Chairperson Nancy DiFiore Quinn, proceeded to deliver the Nominations Committee Report as follows – and all were elected unanimously:
State Arbitration Commissioners
Eleanor Jobbagy  (elected as Chairperson)
Grace Ferrara
Angelo Grande
Joseph Vallone
Anthony Vasaturo
Alternate Arbitration Commissioners
Adele Balsamo
Anthony Capriola
Anthony Grimaldi
Genevieve Lembo
GMM Commissioners
Ciro Capano
Anthony Conetta
Theresa Corey
Robert Graham
Pasquale Greco
Joseph Fratta
State Trustees (by District)
Joanne Spera – District I
Geraldine Graham – District I
John Maura – District II
Keith Wilson – District II
Luigi Squillante – District II and Principal Trustee
Ernest Magliato – District III
Mildred Mancusi – District III
Joanne Alfonso – District IV
Remo Carriero – District IV
Thomas LiPuma – District V
Anthony Geddes – District VI
Patrick Iandoli – District VII
Dr. Joseph Rubé – District VIII
Gift of Sight Report was given by Gift of Sight Chairperson Marianne Principe O’Neil.
State Historian Report was given by Lucy Codella.
State President Carolyn spoke about the Bella Lingua Award and the fact that each district will be receiving $500 to present to a student excelling in Italian.  She also spoke about the Lecture in Resident program where 15 lectures are available to lodges for a cost of $50.00.  The New York Grand Lodge Foundation will be picking up the balance of the cost for each.  Dr. Salvatore Primeggia, is a professor from Adelphi University and a wonderful lecturer.
A video on Autism was shown by Chairperson Rae Lanzilotta and Co-Chairperson Barbara Lupo. They asked all delegates not to forget Autism during their charitable giving.
National 2nd Vice President Nancy DiFiore Quinn spoke briefly about National OSIA and explained the National $50 raffle and the OSIA Credit Card program.  National
SIF President Joseph DiTrapani also spoke about the great success of the 2016 NELA Dinner.
State IPP Joseph Rondinelli was presented with the very prestigious Bene Emeritus Award on Friday evening.  Bene Emeritus Chairperson Joseph Sciame delivered a wonderful introduction and State IPP Joseph was also honored for the two years he served as State President.
A “Meet the Candidates” Night was held on Friday evening, chaired by Gina Ferrara and Gloria Maffettone.  All the nominees spoke to the delegates and were given the opportunity to distribute their giveaways.
Saturday was another busy day for the delegates …
The Credential Reports was given by Chairperson Anita and she reported the following:
We have 66 lodges with 424 delegates eligible to attend
There are 54 lodges in attendance with 320 eligible delegates
Scholarship Chairperson Michele Ment reported that 68 students would be receiving State Scholarships at the scholarship event on June 11th.  Also, 4 New York students out of 12 received National OSIA scholarships at the NELA Dinner.
The Alzheimer’s report was given by Chairperson Anna Magliato and Co-Chairperson Genevieve Lembo.  They also asked that all delegates not forget Alzheimer’s during their fraternal giving.
Chairperson Joseph Tursi presented the Literary Award to Marianna Randazzo, a member of the Fr. Capodanno Lodge #212.  Marianna received her Master of Science Degree in Education and Reading from Brooklyn College and is presently the Director of School Programs at the Garibaldi Meucci Museum.  She has authored two outstanding books – “Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing” and “Brooklyn’s Best – The Michael Behette Story.”
The Elena Cornaro Award was presented to Mary Ann Trasciatti, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Rhetoric Women’s Studies and Labor Studies at Hofstra University and President of the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, Inc.
Chairperson Keith Wilson reported on the meeting of the General Laws & By-Laws Committee.  He asked that all lodges (if you haven’t already done so) send their house rules to the Grand Lodge office for review.  House rules should in no way conflict with the general laws.  Also, the following by-law was unanimously passed by the delegates:
Article 50 – B.L.5 – Garibaldi Meucci Museum
c. The commission shall consist of no more than eleven (11), all of whom shall be members in good standing of the New York Grand Lodge OSIA, and the State President shall be automatically named President/CEO and he/she shall appoint the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to serve at the pleasure of the State President.  The remaining 6 members of the Commission shall be elected by the State Delegates at the State Convention during the even numbered calendar year in which the State Convention is held.  In addition, the Museum’s Immediate Past Chairperson shall also be a member of the Commission.  The (10) ten members of the Board of Commissioners shall elect a Treasurer who is a member in good standing with the New York State Grand Lodge.  The Treasurer shall be a duly voting member of the Commission.
Chairperson Eleanor Jobbagy and Co-Chairperson Ernest Magliato reported on the social and financial success of the Walk for a Cure Walkathon.  Over $18,000 was profited with the funds being split between Alzheimer’s, Autism and Cancer Research.  Children from the Parkway Elementary School sang both the Italian and National anthems.  Brother Lou Gallo ran a great Bocce Tournament with first place being taken by Tony Lovecchio and Salvatore Papleo.
Chairperson Dr. Joseph Rubé reported on the Newsletter Award Competition and here are the winners:
1)    Best Layout for Photography
           Lt. John Petrosino Lodge – “GIORNALE DI PETROSINO”
2)    Most Informative
      Vincenzo Sellaro Lodge – “ILFONDATORE”
3)    Most Promising
      Gabriele D’Annunzio Lodge – “IL GIORNAL GABRIELE
4)    Best Layout for Print and Composition – Fr.
      Vincent Capodanno Lodge –“L’ISOLA BELLA”
5)    Best Editor – John Michael Marino Lodge- “LE NOTIZIE”
6)    Best Newsletter – Vincent Lombardi Lodge – “THE ROAR OF THE LION”  
Chairperson of the Budget Committee Carlo Matteucci delivered the budgets for the New York Grand Lodge and they were unanimously approved by the convention delegates.
Chairperson of Cooley’s Anemia Mary Naccarato and Co-Chairperson Mildred Mancusi reported on the success of the Cooley’s Anemia Dine Around.  Over $38,000 was raised during that one particular event.  Anthony Viola, President of the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation and Craig Butler, Executive Director both addressed the delegates to update the newest information on searching for a cure of this dreaded disease.  At this point of the program, the delegates donated a total of almost $19,000 on behalf of the lodges and also personal donations were presented.
The Charitable Giving portion of the convention then took place and the following amounts were received for our primary charities (all totals are unaudited):
Alzheimer’s - $13,075
Autism - $8,445
Cancer Research - $5,295
CSJ - $5,135
GMM - $8,870
Gift of Sight - $10,260
Veterans Assistance - $2,865
Hope for the Warriors - $1,825
State President Carolyn Reres presented an Italian Fashion Show – highlighting seven of the costumes that have been made from “scratch” to represent regions of Italy.  There eventually will be 20 costumes to represent all of the regions.  The New York Grand Lodge Foundation is funding this program and the costumes will be worn at parades, during Italian Culture Month, etc.  The beautiful and colorful costumes were from Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Sicily and Veneto – and modeled by our own OSIA brothers and sisters.
The $100 Raffle was skyped from the Grand Lodge office in Bellmore.  Raffle Chairperson Luigi Squillante reported that 820 tickets had been sold.  The winning numbers were:
$25,000 - #149; $5,000 - $396; $2,000 - #950; $2,000 - #886; $1,000 – #783; $1,000 - #366; $1,000 - #460; $500 – #057; $500 - #909; $500 - #716; $500  #221; $500 - #675
Saturday evening was the installation of the new State Trustees, Museum Commissioners & Arbitration Commissioners.
Sunday morning brought about New Business when a suggestion to set up a Strategic Planning for the Future Committee was requested.
The Convention Site Report was given and we will be returning to the Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center in 2017 from May 31st – June 4, 2017.  State President Carolyn thanked Convention Chairperson Carol DiTrapani and the entire Convention Committee for all their hard work before and during the convention.
Finally, a short Good and Welfare session was held with the following announcements:  August 24-August 28th, Cellini Lodge Feast; August 29th, State Golf Outing and November 5th, the Garibaldi Meucci Museum Luncheon.
The convention was adjourned on a high note with everyone holding hands and singing God Bless America!