Progresso Lodge #1047 


Lodge Address

Progresso Lodge #1047
 PO. Box 2425
Syracuse, NY 13220
(315) 457-5010
President: Carmine Federico

About Us

Progresso Lodge No. 1047
Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America
PO.Box 2425   
Syracuse, New York 13220
Progresso Lodge History:
In February1929, three Italian-American citizens met to discuss the possibility of forming a Sons of Italy Lodge.  They were Roberto Bersani, Tommasso Monti and Adolfo Greco.  Five months later their dream was realized and a charter was issued on July 14, 1929 by the Supreme (National) Lodge.
At that time there were seven other lodges in the Syracuse area. They were, Ruggiero Settimo, Onesta e Lavoro, Duca Degli Abruzzi, Maria Montessori, Junior Progresso Lodge, Excelsior and Golden Jubilee Lodge.
Throughout the years, all lodges dissolved with the exception of the Progresso Lodge and the women's Golden Jubilee Lodge.  Later in 1974, the members of these two lodges decided to merge. This became the Progresso Lodge #1047.
The Lodge has been actively involved in the community throughout all of these years.  In the early years, the Lodge was involved with the erection of the Columbus Monument, the Colonial Band, sponsorship of Soccer teams,and Little League Baseball and Softball teams, which won their league and district championships many times. In addition, the Lodge has has sponsored the Columbus Day Dinner Dance for 49 consecutive years (Columbus Day being the official holiday of OSIA).  Other functions which have endured include, the St. Joseph's Day Dinner Dance, Numerous Trips, Communion Breakfasts, Picnics, Christmas Parties to name a few.
In 1968, the Lodge was awarded first prize in the Columbus Day Parade in Syracuse. The Lodge participated in the Greater Eastwood Chamber of Commerce Parade since its inception and won many prizes including first prize for its floats.
Other accomplishments include: Working for the establishment of the Americanization League, Entertaining Italian Prisoners of War during World War II, awarding many Humanitarian Awards for Achievements to citizens of Syracuse and Onondaga County and the establishment of a yearly Scholarship which is awarded to a high school graduate.
Progresso Lodge has been recognized by the Grand Lodge of New York State and the National (Supreme) Lodge for the continuous  work for charities such as Cooley's Anemia, Birth defects, Arthritis, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's, World War II Memorial, and the Garibaldi-Neucci Museum (owned and operated by OSIA) The Lodge also supports   "The Commission for Social Justice" (CSJ) which works to fight prejudice and bigotry toward Italian-Americans and to promote the positive image of Italian-Americans.
Locally. the Lodge has sponsored visits and brought gifts to Upstate Medical Center Pediatric Ward, entertained at the New York State Fair, Festa Italiana, Little Italy  Parades and other venues. It also provided entertainment at other lodges in the upstate area, all under the direction of Josephine Federico.
In 1992 the Progresso Lodge was the only organization to co-sponsor, with the Onondaga County Quincentennial Commission, the 500 years celebration dinner of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America.
During the last three decades, the Lodge has had several members elected to various  positions at the State  and National level  representing the Order, notably Bene Emeritus Carmine Federico (State and National Officer) and Josephine Federico (State Officer)
Our goal has been and will continue to preserve and promote our Italian Heritage and Culture and to highlight the contributions Italian-Americans have made in the history of our country.  The Order strives to promote the positive image of Italian-Americans and to combat Bias and Bigotry against Americans of Italian descent.
This is based on our Motto: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
Progresso Lodge #1047 Today
Mailing Address; PO. Box 2425 Syracuse, N. Y. 13220
Lodge Business Meetings: 1st Monday of every month (except holidays)
Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m., .
Meeting Place: Pitcher Hill Community Church  605 Bailey Road, No Syracuse, N.Y.
Official Publication: Progresso Lodge Newsletter published monthly


Lodge Activities:
 All Lodge meetings are held on the first Monday of the month except for September when it will be held on the second Monday (Due to Labor Day Holiday)


Annual Mass for Deceased Members Sunday November 20th at Our Lady of Pompei/ St.Peter's Church 11:00 am Mass

Christmas Party: Sunday December 11, 2022 at Bella Domani starting at 5:30 pm


Lodge Officers

President: Carmine Federico
Vice President: Edward Fischer
Immediate Past President: Josephine Federico
Orator:  Luigi Cannata
Recording Secretary: Salvatore Spuches Financial Secretary: Anthony La Manna                                                                 
Treasurer: Filomena Iacampo
Trustees:  , Maria LaManna. Maria Giudice, Domenic Brancato, Anna Cannata. Carlo Pastore
Mistress of Ceremony: Angela LoPiccolo, Connie Pastore
Sentinel:  Giuseppe Giudice
Arbitration: , Lewis Herzog, Stephen Odai,, Antonio Quattrocchi, Toni Stray
Chaplain:  Josephine Federico
State Deputy: Stephanie Passeri Dansmore