Vincent Lombardi Lodge #2270


Lodge Address

Vincent Lombardi Lodge #2270
61 Sunset Drive
Rochester NY 14606
(585) 208-1578
President: Vincent Giannantonio

About Us

The Sons of Italy Vincent Lombardi Lodge #2270 was chartered in 1972 as a fraternal organization of Italian American men and women in Rochester New York.  The lodge was formed as a local branch of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) which is the oldest and largest fraternal organization of the Italian Americans in the North American continent.
The lodge was built on the original OSIA principles of:
  • Liberty: We want freedom of assembly, of speech, of opportunity and above all, economic freedom.  We want individual freedom of thought, of conscience and of religion.  Liberty is the most essential and precious prerogative.
  • Equality: We believe that all people were created equal without distinction as to race, color, creed, caste or class.
  • Fraternity: We affectionately offer a hand to all and keep alive the traditions of our ancestors.
The mission of our lodge today is to seek to unite Italian Americans in preserving and disseminating the cultural history of Italy.  We seek to promote and advance positive images of Italian Americans in our society through philanthropic, cultural, educational, social, civic and community activities.


Lodge Files

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Lodge Officers

President: Vincent Giannantonio
1st Vice President: Sandra Meleca
2nd Vice President - Thomas Meleca
Immediate Past President: Joseph Rubé
Orator: Bonnie Cottone
Recording Secretary: Maria Rubé
Financial Secretary:  Louis DeCarolis                                                                  
Treasurer: Catherine DiNicola
Edward Grozewski, Luigi DiFilippo, Marjorie Focarazzo, Lillian Bonanni, Antonio Palucci
Mistress of Ceremony: Nancy Rubé
Sentinel: Ross Cottone
Chaplain: Patricia Galante
Lodge Deputy - Anthony Idoni
State Trustee, District VIII: Joseph Rubé
Chaplain Emeritus: Sister Carole Prioia
Calendar of Events: