Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Lodge #212


Lodge Address

Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno Lodge #212
St. Andrew's Church, Hemsley Hall
4 Arthurkill Road
Staten Island, NY 10306
President: Gaspare Randazzo, 646-479-6567

About Us

Father Vincent R. Capodanno Lodge #212 History

Original Charter issued on November 9, 1971 to Staten Island Lodge #2251.
Renamed on October 4, 1978 to the William C. LaMorte Lodge #2251.
On January 1, 2007 lodge was renamed to the Father Vincent R. Capodanno.

   Verrazano Lodge #212
Original charter issued to Loggia Perseverenza Lodge #212 on January 18, 1914.
Charter was issued to Giovanni daVerazzano Lodge #2297 on August 2, 1973.
These two lodges merged on February 22, 1975 and became Verrazano Lodge #212.
Lodge #212 merged with Fr. Capodanno Lodge on September 1, 2009. 


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Lodge Officers

President: Gaspare Randazzo
1st. Vice President: Dr. Vincent Maligno
2nd. Vice President: Maria Castello
Immediate Past President: William Castello
Orator: Loretta Drogon
Recording Secretary: Luigi Montesano
Financial Secretary:Rose Sforza Kelly                                                                 
Treasurer: Gale D'Onofrio

Principle Trustee:
Marcy Dabbene         Lodge Predident: 2001-2003
Carl Ciaccio               Lodge President:  2016-2018      
Frank Cicero              Lodge President:  2014-2016
Theresa Corey           Lodge President:  2012-2014
Thomas Cavataio      Lodge President:  2010-2012
Angela Ruggiero       Lodge  President: 2008-2010
Colette Grillo             Lodge President: 2005-2007
Frances Cicero          Lodge President: 2002-2004
Rose Frisari               Lodge President: 1998-2000
Master of Ceremony:Diana Cerullo
Master of Ceremony: Lucille Montesano
Sentinel:Todd Cusato
State Deputy: Joseph Fratta 
Historian/Newsletter Editor: Marianna Randazzo

Who was Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno?

Fr. Capodanno was born on Staten Island in New York City to Italian immigrant parents. In 1957 he was ordained a Catholic priest by Cardinal Francis Spellman, then vicar of the U.S. Military Ordinariate.
He entered the Maryknoll religious order and served as a missionary in Taiwan and Hong Kong from 1958 to 1965. Having successfully petitioned his Maryknoll superiors to release him to serve as a U.S. Navy chaplain, he arrived in Vietnam during Holy Week of 1966.
Holding the rank of Lieutenant, Fr. Capodanno participated in seven combat operations. He became known for putting the well-being of Marines above his personal safety, moving among those wounded and dying on the battlefield in order to provide medical aid, comfort, and Last Rites.
During Operation Swift on September 4, 1967, Fr. Capodanno was injured by an exploding mortar round which caused multiple injuries on his arms and legs and severed part of his right hand.
Fred Smith, head of FedEx Corporation, who served with Fr. Capodanno, recalled during the May 11 ceremony how the chaplain nearly lost his hand to shrapnel as he tended to the wounded, but refused care so that medical supplies could go to his injured Marines.
The priest directed Marines to help the wounded and continued to move about the battlefield, encouraging them with his words and example.  As he sought to administer aid to one particular marine, he placed his own body between the wounded man and an enemy machine gunner and was killed.
In 2006, the Catholic Church declared Fr. Capodanno a Servant of God, which is the first step towards being officially recognized as a saint.