An over-capacity crowd attended the cancellation ceremony and lecture by Dr. Frank Alduino, Professor of History at Anne Arundel Community College, Maryland, who spoke on the life of this “Hero of Two Worlds.”   The lecture was followed by an opening of the Museum’s new photographic exhibition, “Hero of Two Worlds: Monuments to Garibaldi Throughout the World,” which will be on view at the museum through October 2007.

Also in attendance was New York City Councilman Tony Avella, who has been a strong advocate for the museum; New York State Senator Diane Savino; and special guest Deputy Consul General Giovanni Favilli, who spoke eloquently about he importance of this national landmark.  Special thanks are in order for Museum Curator/Director, Emily Gear, President/CEO, John Dabbene and the museum staff for making this a truly memorable day.

 “This is a wonderful example of cooperation between diverse groups: government, fraternities, the private sector and the public to recognize and honor the birth and achievements of a well-respected son of Italy,” stated Robert Necci, Chairman of the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum.

Today, The Order Sons of Italy in America is the proud conservator of an important historical site linking two great Italians, Meucci and Garibaldi, to a cottage in Rosebank, Staten Island. This modest home is where Antonio Meucci (the true inventor of the telephone) and his wife Ester lived and where Meucci earned his livelihood as a candlemaker.
 It is also the place where the Meucci family offered Giuseppe Garibaldi the hospitality of their home in the early 1850’s, following his involvement in freedom movements in the Americas.
These two giants are examples of the influence that good men of foresight and courage can achieve in making the world we live in a better place. Both have contributed significantly to the accomplishments of what today is called “Western Civilization.”

This year also marks the centennial of the Meucci home at its present location. It was built in the early 1840’s and moved to its present location in 1907.
Therein lies our “great treasure,”­­–– the legacy of Meucci and Garibaldi in America. We, The Order Sons of Italy in America, as gatekeepers of this legacy have the singular cultural responsibility to promote, protect and preserve this heritage.

The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum is a place where our Italian/Italian-American heritage, culture and language are alive and well. Come! Place your footsteps upon those of Meucci and Garibaldi. Touch history!  Visit your museum