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From our State President!

Click the link below to download the Letter written to all lodge members on March 20 regarding the recent health crisis,

Letter to Members March 20 2020

Letter to Members April 2020

Watch a short video regarding OSDIA and the recent health crisis,

March 23 Video

March 23 Video (for Android Devices)

Click Here to See Our State Presidents YouTube Page showing The April 6 Video

Click Here to See Our State Presidents Video Opposing the New Your State Proposed Bill to Abolish Columbus Day

Click on the link below to see the NY State OSDIA President Anthony Naccarato's video requesting OSDIA members and their families to write to their local NY State politicians to stop NY Senate bill S8553 introduces by Senator Jessica Ramos in an attempt to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day.

Click Here to See The Video


Click on the link below to see the NY State OSDIA President Anthony Naccarato's video dated September 13th to all lodge members.

Click Here to See The Video

The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) was founded on June 22, 1905 at 203 Grand Street in New York City. An Italian immigrant, Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro, and five compatriots; pharmacist Ludovico Ferrari, attorney Antonio Marzullo, sculptor Giuseppe Carlino and barbers Pietro Viscardi and Robert Merlo, created the organization to unite men and women of Italian heritage under one banner in order to preserve and disseminate the large cultural heritage of Italy. They also felt a need to promote and advance their progress everywhere within the framework of American society.

OSIA has provided a community in which both men and women of Italian descent have preserved and nurtured their Italian heritage. It continues to thrive, meeting the initial objectives of its founders through a wide variety of community, cultural, social, charitable, educational, patriotic and civic activities. Read More


Save Columbus Day

Log on to 
and read about the Columbus Heritage Coalition and the effort to "Save Columbus Day and our beloved Christopher Columbus statues.”  If you could possibly donate to this worthwhile cause it would help tremendously.  Funding is needed to continue the cause.


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Please check the "Events" Link for all upcoming events as many events are canceled or rescheduled due to the present health crisis.

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